About the Maritime and Coastguard Agency

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency is responsible throughout the UK for implementing the Government’s maritime safety policy. This includes the coordination of search and rescue at sea through Her Majesty’s Coastguard, and checking that ships meet UK and international safety rules.

It has a very strong reputation amongst the world maritime community. With over 95% of the UK’s imports arriving by sea, the MCA faces significant challenges in ensuring the safety of ships and seafarers.

Whenever you choose to go-to-sea as a paying client it is essential that the yacht you are on conforms to the strict MCA code of practice and has a current coding certificate for the area of operation, this should be onboard and available for inspection along with many other important safety documents. Since this is a very technical area a quick call to the MCA helpline detailing the vessel and planned route will enable you to find out if the yacht is coded for the planned trip. +44 2920448800,hq_inspection@mcga.gov.uk

Why is this important? Well your safety at sea is of the utmost importance and you wouldn’t expect anything less.

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STCW 95 Yachmaster Offshore

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