Q/ What discounts are available if I book with Allabroad?


A/ You can book a package combining your online theory and the practical course for £795 for the standard ratio or £995 for the Masterclass ratio which gives a saving of £40. You can also add the SRC VHF Online course at the same time and receive  £30 off the full online and assessment package.


Q/ If I get stuck during my online theory course how long before I receive a response from support?


A/ Probably the most important question you can ask any online training provider and we believe we offer the best support in the industry. We have dedicated full Yachtmaster instructors on duty to take calls and answer questions for all the Online RYA theory courses. From 0900 to 2100 -  7 days a week. Expect a voice reply usually within minutes, but guaranteed less than 1 hour. Out of hours, support is also available via email. Click here to see the latest support questions as they come in Live!


Q>/ How much study time should I allow to complete the Day Skipper online course?


A/ Allow 40 hours to complete the course, if you get stuck and find that you are not making sufficient progress then get in touch and either myself or one of the other full Yachtmaster instructors will help.


Q/ Will the Day Skipper online course work on a mac?


A/ Yes the online package will work on macs, the RYA online plotter that comes free with the pack however will not, this is not a problem as the course can be completed without this.


Q/ Will all the RYA online theory courses from Allabroad work on the Ipad?


A/ Yes.


Q/ Is there any feedback during my online theory course? How do I know how I am doing?


A/ Key sections of all the RYA online theory courses report back to us with your answers, if there are any wrong answers you will receive feedback from either myself or one of the full Yachtmaster instructors on duty.


Q/ How long has Allabroad been delivering RYA Online theory training?


A/ we have been delivering Online training courses since 2002, and we are accredited to deliver online training by the RYA.


Q/ Why book with Allabroad when I see the same online theory course elsewhere?


A/The course is developed by separate company, Navathome but was originally developed for Allabroad.  The support you receive is essential and we have a dedicated duty instructor to deal exclusively with online support, and over 11 years experience in delivering remote support to online training courses.


Q/ How long do I have to complete my Online theory course?


A/ You have 6 months, after this time a £30 fee is payable to continue for another 6 months, most people complete easily within 6 months.


Q/ What advantages are there to booking the practical also with Allabroad?


A/ Aside from the package price, Gibraltar is a great training ground and Allabroad est 1999, has the best range of yachts available.  We also have a shore based facility here in Gibraltar so you can receive a debrief from your support instructor about what areas to concentrate on.


Q/ How do I complete my final assessment?


A/ There are 3 options, you can complete this online, or if you have booked a practical course with us you can complete this in one of our marina side classrooms or you can complete this at an RYA training centre near you.

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