We are surrounded by technology, everywhere we look, in most cases this is a good thing, but if we come to rely too heavily on electronics when they are taken away we are lost.  Ocean navigation still requires us to learn astro navigation, navigating by the sun and the stars, for this very reason. Keeping these skills fresh could one day - save the day.

The beauty of completing your ocean theory online is that you can take up to 6 months to complete your training. If you require more time then you can renew your course for a small admin fee. Many people complete the theory course, the go on to complete their Ocean passage (not included) and return to the online theory course for a refresher prior to the Oral exam (not included)

Ocean Navigation Theory Image
Ocean Theory Online screen shot.

You can go directly to the above animation and click step by step through the stages by clicking on the screen shot above.

Pre course requirements.

This is a highly advanced navigation course so if you have not completed any navigation training then we recommend you start with Day skipper Theory first, followed by Yachtmaster theory before attempting this course.  The course is available to experienced yachtmasters with good navigational skills.

What's the minimum time I can complete the course in?

It is possible to complete the course in 40 hours, however this requires that your traditional navigation skills are up to date.  We advise you to allocate at least 60 hours.

What if I get stuck and need support?

Expert help is available via message box or email. We can call you free by phone if a call is required saving you the cost of international phone calls.

What certification do I receive upon successful completion of the course?

You will receive the RYA Ocean Theory certificate, this is a requirement for those wishing to become Yachtmaster Ocean, although you will have to complete a qualifying passage in order to receive this endorsement.

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