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Yachtmaster Fast Track Sailing Course - for those who simply can't wait!

After 24 years the Allabroad Yachtmaster Fast Track Sailing Course is a proven route for professionals, and a means for leisure sailors to reach professional standards. We encourage any prospective Yachtmasters to come and visit our training facility in Gibraltar for a guided tour, chat to the team and the current trainees. If you can't make it in person we will provide a video call guided tour. We have designed a training centre based on the RYA Yachtmaster Fast Track Pro course, providing the highest level of facilities, accreditation, and equipment available in Gibraltar and surrounding areas. We can take your training to a much higher level fully in-house, without outsourcing to other centres.

We're here to help you learn everything you need to explore the world's oceans safely, and enjoy the yachting industry. 

Key features of the Allabroad Yachtmaster Fast Track Sailing Course

  • Over 24 years of Fast Track success.
  • Over 1000 happy Yachtmasters.
  • Train on one of the modern fleet of  Jeanneau 389 yachts.
  • Prestige 46 Motor Cruiser for optional Motor Conversions
  • Fleet of training RHIBS
  • Modern purpose designed 30 seater training room with 24/7 access.
  • 100% In house training, we do not ever outsource.
  • Over 35 RYA & MCA Course accreditations, we can take you to a much higher level.
  • Pass guarantee - extra exam opportunity if required.
  • Up to 3 weeks extra free training for those who may need it.
  • Access to over £2M in training facilities, yachts and equipment during your course.

Unrivalled Academy Facilities

Yachtmaster Academy

Yachtmaster Pro - Fast Track to success

The Yachtmaster Fast Track Sailing course is built upon 20 years of innovation and feedback from learners, instructors, and examiners.  Because of this,  you will benefit from features such as, for instance:

  • More modern fleet of sailing yachts.
  • Shore-based training and relaxation facilities.
  • Highly efficient, intensive training methods.

The instructional team are experienced in delivering this unique training course, and dedicated to seeing you achieve your goals. Many Allabroad instructors have been with the academy for many years because they share our passion for success.  Because of this, you're trained by instructors at the much higher  'YMI' level, or examiner' level, for example. As such - this is how we manage to complete your Yachtmaster training in such a short time frame.

RYA Yachtmaster and MCA STCW Endorsement

Train at a recognised 'Maritime Academy' and enjoy higher standards, better equipment, extensive facilities, and higher qualified instructors with wider maritime experience. Take advantage of the on site training rooms, extensive shore based training equipment, and variety of additional course options. In addition to this, you will simply learn much more, in less time from instructors with more qualifications and teaching experience.

 When not out on the water you can take advantage of the dedicated shore based training facility in the heart of the marina, 24/7

 Yachtmaster with Commercial and STCW Endorsement

The STCW Basic Safety Training endorsement enables your RYA Yachtmaster Offshore certificate to be accepted more widely outside of British waters and on other flagged yachts. Because of this, you open up work opportunities on a wider range of vessels, including Superyachts.

RYA Accreditation 24 Years

RYA Yachtmaster Courses Fast Track

MCA Accreditation 16 years

MCA RYA Yachtmaster Fast Track

Without the STCW endorsement, maritime authorities outside British waters may not accept your RYA Yachtmaster certification for commercial use.

The included STCW BST package is a vital element of any professional skipper training course.

When comparing courses, ensure  you are comparing like-for-like as some courses do not include the FULL STCW Basic Safety Training package, and some do not clarify if the training is Yachtmaster Coastal, or Yachtmaster Offshore.  You may see similar looking courses that do not provide all the certification you need,  leading to a requirement for additional training after your course.

Essentially there are 3 levels of yachtmaster offshore, the Allabroad Yachtmaster Fast Track Pro Sailing course provides internationally recognised Commercially and STCW endorsed RYA Yachtmaster Offshore certification as per option 1 in the list below:

  1. Option 1: RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Commercially and STCW Endorsed (International Commercial Use) 
  2. Option 2: RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Commercially Endorsed (Small craft only, UK use only)
  3. Option 3: RYA Yachtmaster Offshore (Small craft, leisure use only)
RYA Yachtmaster Courses

Yachtmaster Fast Track Pro Training Guarantee

We’ve been running RYA Yachtmaster Fast Track sailing courses for over 22 years now and this is the expertise that you are buying into. We take our responsibility to you personally and do adapt the training to the group and also your individual changing training needs. Since sometimes exam nerves can get the better of even the strongest of candidates, we offer another exam opportunity to all full event students who have been committed to the course, undertaken the study asked of them, & turned up for class on time.

You only achieve Yachtmaster once: Do it right.

We do appreciate that committing to this course is an investment in your time, which can never be replaced, however it’s also a big investment in funds too. We’ve always made our course competitive as a package and fully inclusive of all meals & accommodation throughout every day of the course, along with all the training & experience you need to take the final Yachtmaster Offshore exam. We are open and upfront that you will need to bring spending money for your personal entertainment ashore, your laundry, active outdoor clothing & boat shoes.

There are also a few digital books & learning aids that are fabulous resources to download and will give you access to beneficial learning resources to help you along the way to your goals. You can pay the exam fees to RYA direct to generate your entry application forms & we recommend that everyone joining this course takes an ENG1 or other country equivalent to ensure you pass the medical requirements to work at sea prior to joining this course, or this can be arranged locally when you join us.

Allabroad Fast Track Yachtmaster

Yachtmaster Fast Track Sailing Course Schedule

The RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Fast Track courses start at 1800 on the first Sunday. The detailed day to day schedule is based around the short and long term weather forecast at the time, however we aim to complete the theory and safety elements as early as possible in the course so this can be put into practice at sea. When not at sea the training rooms are available to you for self study and revision. Although this is considered a practical course, there is also a large amount of theory to cover too, in terms of total hours learning the ratio is around 70% Practical, 30% theory.

2024 Fast Track Yachtmaster Offshore Sail Dates

Make 2024 really count for a year of achievements! Yachtmaster for many represents a change of direction or an opportunity to escape working from home and explore, enjoy and energise. If the dates below do not fit with your schedule, please contact us to discuss bespoke training options.

      • 5 May 2024 - £11,950
      • 7 July 2024 - £11,950
      • 1 September 2024 - £11,950

Allabroad. The Yachtmaster Academy

Yachtmaster Courses Allabroad

What’s Included:

  • All accommodation & meals
  • All 2500nm tidal experience
  • STCW Basic Safety Training (more info)
  • STCW Security Awareness
  • RYA Powerboat Level 2

Navigation Modules

  • Navigation Foundations
  • RYA Yachtmaster Theory
  • IRPCS & Weather
  • Radar & Electronic Plotting
  • Passage planning & watch management

Short courses include:

  • VHF (including GMDSS)
  • Diesel Engine Training
  • RYA PPR Course
  • Electrical Systems
  • Plumbing , Splicing & Deck Care
Fast Track Sun and Sail
Wallis Celebrating her Yachtmaster Pass
Yachtmaster Fast Track Course

Additional Bolt-On Courses after Yachtmaster

The Yachtmaster Offshore can be seen as a starting point to many working adventures with the addition of a commercial endorsement.  A career in super yachting may be your goal, or the fun of being a flotilla or charter skipper in a sunshine holiday environment, teaching others how to sail on the Cruising Instructor course or you may have an interest in becoming Ocean Yachtmaster and adventuring across oceans.

All additional modules come at beneficial rates to our valued Fast Track family, chat to us during the course and we can guide you with your options. Some of the popular additional courses available at Allabroad to help further your maritime career:

      • MCA Approved Engine Course AEC1
      • MCA Medical First Aid
      • MCA Medical Care
      • MCA Efficient Deck Hand
      • MCA Advanced Fire Fighting
      • MCA Human Element Leadership & Management
      • RYA Yachtmaster Motor Conversion Course
      • RYA Advanced Powerboat Course
      • RYA Instructor Training

Contact us for more information.

Please register your interest via the form below, WhatsApp +447872 221143 or email info@sailing.gi  and we will send full course details & the process to apply to attend.

Yachtmaster is a big investment, so we strongly recommend a tour of our facilities in person, or if this is not possible we can provide a personal WhatsApp video tour of all the facilities, yachts and equipment, and you can chat with the team, and ask any questions that come to mind.

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