Allabroad Maritime Academy

UK MCA Accredited Training Centre

Allabroad Limited first became a MCA Accredited Training Centre in 2008 running first the STCW95 Personal Survival Techniques & STCW95 Elementary First Aid, with the STCW95 Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting following in December 2011. We started under the trading name of Gtec Maritime Training; mostly due to the fact that you can not have the word 'Gibraltar' in your business or trading name otherwise it would have been Gibraltar Maritime Training; which is ideal since we are unique in that we are Gibraltar's only MCA Accredited course provider and the only MCA course provider within at least 700km. In 2017 we decided to reduce confusion and use Allabroad Maritime Training for all our shorebased professional MCA activities, tying in nicely with Allabroad Sailing Academy which is the on the water activities. It's all the same company, building, fabulous instruction, and reception team. 

Modern Training Facilities 

With Allabroad Maritime Training you undertake your MCA training using modern teaching techniques with high quality training equipment. We use a professional purpose built fire training simulator that is under push button control, allowing you to be trained in how to fight a real fire in a confined space. During the training you will be wearing full breathing apparatus and the same fire and heat proof clothing as worn by professional fire-personel all over the world.

The simulator is inherently safe and shuts down at high temperatures, it can vent and cool instantly, and although you will be wearing full breathing aparatus throughout, the air in the simulator remains breathable at all times as the smoke is produced by a none toxic fog machine.

We also have a dedicated smoke room that is not hot but offers thicker smoke, again this is just from a high power fog machine and is none toxic. The purpose of this training is to ensure that you can navigate a space with zero visibility and search for a casualties.

For the survival wet drills we use an indoor swimming pool for all year round training. You wear immersion suits for drills and lifejackets with all equipment supplied. 

Allabroad STCW all our own kit
Allabroad STCW Smoke room for search and rescue