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What is the difference between STCW95 and STCW2010?

STCW2010 is the updated version of the STCW95, which originally started out from the original STCW78 code.

The Manila Amendments

Major revisions to the STCW Convention, and its associated code were adopted at a diplomatic conference in Manila, the Philippines, held in June 2010. This is why it’s referred to as the ‘Manila Amendments’ and referenced as STCW2010. The Manila Amendments came into force on in 2012, with a transition period of five years to allow seafarers and administrations to comply. The code became mandatory on 1st January 2017. The important changes to the Convention and Code include the revised requirements on hours of work and rest, changes to medical fitness standards for seafarers, the introduction of security training and updating of competence requirements.

Which Courses Need Updating?

The updating of competence requirements in the Manila Amendments requires two elements of STCW Basic Safety Training courses, and three others to be updated every five years. The courses that require updating are:

So from the 1st January 2017 seafarers are required to hold a STCW certificate that is dated not more than five years from issue. All certificates issued in 2011 or early should have been updated BEFORE 1st January 2017. There is still a rush on update courses despite a five-year warning of the requirement to update. Certificates issued originally in 2012 will need updating this year in 2017 BEFORE they reach the five-year from issue date. Don’t be caught out with a non-compliant certificate and miss out on that amazing job offer.

Allabroad Maritime Academy are STCW 2010 compliant

Our course is always compliant and whilst the STCW Code was created in 1978, updated in 2010, adopted in 2012 and enforced in 2017, our course still remains the same MCA UK Approved Training Course. We update our course materials and training practices regularly to constantly reflect changing industry practice and standards. There has been confusion on what to call the courses now and the standard is to refer to them simply as STCW with no year reference; certification code references now refer back to the original STCW 1978 code.

Which courses don’t need updating?

The STCW Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities (PSSR), Security Courses and Medical Courses do not need updating as per the Manila Amendments to the STCW code. However on EU member State Flagged vessels the captain or delegated person using type A supplies must receive First Aid update training every five years. This is also the case with the smaller vessel categories working commercially under the RYA Yachtmaster, they are required to hold a valid first aid certificate at all times therefore in these cases the STCW Elementary First Aid  can be re-attended every five years.

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